Civil Ceremony

  • Contains no religious elements or anything with a      religious connotation
  • Includes traditional vows
  • You can tailor your ceremony to reflect the love that draws you together as a couple
  • Either ceremony allows you the opportunity to recognize and include other family members into the occasion with such traditions as the "Medallion Ceremony" or the "Sand Ceremony"




Spiritual Ceremony

  • The Spiritual ceremony differs from the Civil  ceremony in that the Spiritual includes a: 


  Blessing of the rings

  Lighting of the Unity Candle (optional)

  • We can accommodate bride and grooms of any religious persuasion
  • You are welcome to suggest your own prayer, or we would be happy to suggest one for you

Download Sample Ceremonies  (Civil & Spiritual)

Adobe Acrobat (pdf) 

Civil   Spiritual

Microsoft Word (doc)

Civil   Spiritual


At South Carolina Ceremonies, we not only encourage you to customize your wedding vows,

but we will be glad to work with you as you personalize it to suit your event.  

Click here to view tips on customizing your vows.

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